Motion Capture

Whoops! Some critical issues snuck up on us that could negatively impact your experience with this launch. Our developers are working on a fix, but until then, we’ve decided to postpone public access to Complete Motion Capture.

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Record continous motion without limits

This service allows Wyze Cam to record whenever motion is detected with no 12-second restriction and no wait time between recordings.

Stored in the cloud for easy access

Complete Motion videos are saved to the cloud for 14 days and are accessible from the Wyze app even if your Wyze Cam is unplugged or stolen.

Free trial—no credit card required

Use Complete Motion Capture on one camera for 14 days and see what you think. At the end of your trial you’ll be prompted to renew at $1.49 /month for each Wyze Cam you’d like to enable.

This service requires a firmware upgrade.
V1 or devices with RTSP not supported due to hardware limitations.